DWD Online - Mobile

App Idea

I have had an idea for an app for a while now and I wanted to make an app that can help women. It will be location-based and will be used to locate and connect women to each other for items such as tampons and sanitary napkins and other items. I orginally didn't really know how the logistics of it would work. I drew up some simple wireframes and figured that it would work itself out.

App Design

I wanted a very clean and refreshing design, but at the same time, it needs to be familar. I started off with fonts and colors.

I wanted the color scheme to be warming and inviting. I decided to use colors you would find in nature. I also wanted it to be gender neutral in case I decide to expand this for not just women.


After working out how this app would work, I figured that I need a backend. I need to store user data and locations. I would also like a chatting option. Working with Skygear was very simple and eaasy to set up. It was just what I needed to help prototype this app. Somewhere in the future, I will need something better but this will work for now. I also would need PhoneGap but I wanted to get the app working in the browser and connecting with other users first before I bring it to mobile. I think the most difficut thing I had with Skygear was getting the login to work properly. There was a loophole in the login where if you click "sign up", you could just go into the app without any credentials. Turns out, we had to do that on the front end to block that capability.

Final Prototype

I am far from being done, but this prototype is in the direction of where I am headed. It was very exciting to have something up and working, even though it isn't fully what you imagined it would be. I would like to expand this in the future, perhaps for my thesis.