Visual Language

Week 5

Logo Design

This summer, I traveled to Vancouver and fell in love with Tofino. Tofino is known for being a vacation spot with things to do such as camping, hiking, fishing, and everything beach-related. It is a great spot for nature lovers.

Traveling to Tofino is a long journey. I decided to go for a stamp design because it reminded me of travel. To get to Tofino, I took a ferry from Vancouver Island and then drove four hours from Nanaimo.

While I was vacationing there, I ate a lot of seafood, took some hikes, and went camping. I wanted to incorporate all those elements in the logo. Of course, I wanted to add seashells, waves, surboards, and many other elements. However, I had to edit down my design in order to make a coherent logo.

Original Logo

The current Tofino logo is very interesting. When I first saw it, I didn't believe that it wa the actual logo. Tofino is so beautiful, I thought that it deserved a much more beautiful logo than the tacky one they have now. I decided to go for a more outdoorsy design. I wanted to give the feel of a Boy Scout badge to give the feel of the outdoors. I also wanted to include important elements of what Tofino is known for.

My Redesigned Logo

The mockups I made are to illustrate where I see the logo being used. Since Tofino is such a touristy place, I decided that merchandise such as hoodies and tote bags are what would make sense to have the logo on. I also replaced the logo on the surf van.

I also created mockups of postcards. I sent a lot of postcards to my friends and family while I was traveling, so I thought it would make sense to put the logo on the postcards. I also wanted to highlight the beauty of Tofino, so I put the logo off to the side where it is not intrusive.


Week 4

Business Card

This design was particularly challenging for me. I always found it easier to design for other people rather than for myself because I will never be satisfied. I will also want to change the design at any time. I spent two whole weeks drawing until I was satisfied -- for now.

I chose these colors because of the previous week's assignment. I realized that browns, pinks, and creams were the palette of my life. I wanted to create a design that would reflect my life and my colors. I wanted to create a hand-drawn feeling to it while still keeping a clean and crisp design. These colors are also found on my website, so I wanted to create that connection from card to site. At first, I wanted to use the coral color from my website, but I felt as if it did not fit the design. It also looked very different under various lighting conditions.

I kept with the clean font "Raleway" because it is very professional and I liked the contrast of that font to the thick strokes of the hand-drawn design. It also goes with the delicate design. On the back, I chose to advertise my skills rather than what my profession is. I didn't want to only identify myself with certain labels and instead wanted to just say what I'm good with. I also added my website for my portfolio and my email as my contact.

Week 3

Color Hue Test

Color Palette of My Life

For this week's assignment, I wanted to portray what an average span of a few days would be. I spend most of my days in bed, so I took a picture of my blanket. I also draw a lot in my free time, so I took a picture of my sketchbook. I also recently ordered a cat onesie and plan to spend a lot of time in it, so I also took a picture of that. I also drink a lot of coffee and tea, so I made sure to take pictures of that as well. Whenever I can, I go to the beach to watch the sunset because I love the colors in the sky. I also take the subway a lot so I took a picture of my commute. And lastly, I have my baby sister, who is the loudest most energetic part of my life.

I slowly realized how many reoccurring bright colors there are in my palette because I mostly wear dull colors. I created a little code snippet of revealing colors. At first, it looks boring and dull, but when you hover over, it revals the colors. This reflects my thinking process about this assignment. I thought I would end up with dull colors, but turns out, this process revealed so much more.

Week 2


Cormorant Upright

Playfair Display SC


Julius Sans One


Complete font collection

Words as Images

Week 1

School of Visual Arts Chocolate Subway Poster

I chose this poster for it's beautiful design. This was designed by the famous Louise Fili, who is most well-known for her typographic designs. This poster was inspired by Italian-inspired typography from the early 1900s. There is actually a blog post about the making of this design.

Underlying Grid

The grid system of this poster was a little difficult to figure out. There are so many elements in this design and I was not sure how to draw the grid. However, I realized that since this design was based on Object Poster design, The whole idea was to have one object and then have the main focus to be on typography. I started the grid by focusing on the typography.


Since this poster is designed by Louise Fili, the typography is custom. There are two variations of the type. According to her blog, the type was drawn and then vectorized by her senior designer, Nicholas Misani. This is staying true to the Object Poster design.

Color Scheme

There are four colors in this overall design. They are all very bold and, and focuses your attention on different elements. the boldest color is in the typography, and every other color is there to support the typography.

Negative & Positive Space

Since the main focus of this poster is the typography, everything else is mostly in the background. The color helps with the organization of the design. The color of the typography is the brightest and boldest, making it the main subject. The cream color behind the typography is part of the negative space, making the positive space even more bold. The chocolate in the background is also a big part of the design, however, the brown color helps keep it in the background. The choice to keep the background of the whole composition to be blue is very clever because it gives the illusion that it is an extension of the blue wrapper, which is already a background element.