Web Design


Hand-coded in CSS, HTML, and jQuery.

This toaster is interactive. The handle on the right side is slideable and it moves the toast. It also triggers a blinker animation to indicate that the bread is toasting. All drawn and animated in CSS and jQuery.

Luggage Trolley

Hand-coded in CSS, HTML, and jQuery.

The idea behind this project was to utilize the jQuery library in creative ways. The luggages are soratable elements, and the trolley is a draggable element across the x-axis. This is completely drawn in CSS, and is animated with jQuery.


Hand-coded in CSS, HTML, and jQuery.

This Polaroid camera is drawn and animated in CSS and jQuery. One of the challenges was using the least amount of divs possible. For example, the rainbow stripe is made with only one div. The red button triggers a flash from the camera as well as a shutter sound.


This project was hand-coded with HTML, CSS, and jQuery

This office is based on the idea of what my office would look like. It was developed with the idea of having it interactive. It was drawn and animated completely in CSS. The sounds were incorporated with the use of jQuery. Every element is animated and personalized to my personality, and reflects who I am as an artist.

Paws & Claws

The concept for this project is to create a site that will offer a wide range of trendy apparel and accessories for animal lovers of all kinds to choose from.

As the developer, I created the whole site and user interface by using HTML/CSS. My goal was to make the website easy to navigate and responsive to all layouts, including mobile.


This project was built from in HTML, CSS, and jQuery. I created this boombox with the idea of it being interactive and fun. The whole project is hand-coded.

The boombox was drawn and animated in CSS, and jQuery was used to help make it interactive. I integrated a variety of animations and created every element of the boombox to have a different feature.

Women in Computer Science

I developed the mobile website for the Stony Brook University Chapter of Women in Computer Science.

It was done by hand using HTML, CSS, and jQuery. The biggest improvement I made to the website was to have it be responsive. The layout works for every screen size, and the menu bar changes to adapt to mobile.